We have a great rock climbing team with the best young climbers from Granada.

Our rock climbing team has been trained in our gym by Carlos Corpas and Olimpiu Sorín, who is team member of the Andalucian Rock Climbing Team from 2013 and, before that, of the Rumanian Rock Climbing Team from 1996 to 2000.

With him and our rock climbing team we are on the top of the andalucian rock climbing.

Our team is  conformed by:

Concepción María Ballesteros Pérez
Inés Santiago Ortega
Diego Hermoso Fernández
Noel Alarcón puerta
Ángel John González Facer
Saul san pedro moya
Leo Lucena correa
Jairo Torres Ceballos
Valentina Sauceda Quintana
Julio Hermoso Fernández

Valentina Sauceda Quintana

1º Clasificado III Prueba de la Copa de Andalucía y Campeonato de Andalucía

10 Diciembre 2016 en Motril

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